Hot Sexy Asian Girl Dating Tip #1

Sexy Chinese Girls Want YOU

Sexy Chinese Girls Want YOU

Hear it over and over—“It was going so great, and then she disappeared on me… why?

What happened—we were having such a great time together. I’m tired of this happening—I want to date sexy women, but I want them to stick around.

Do you have any Asian dating tips for me?”

Yes, I do. Every time I talk to a guy who tells me this, I discover he’s making the exact same mistakes most guys do, dating mistakes that kill his chances of successfully dating sexy Asian women.

So, I give him some Asian dating tips to skyrocket his success with sexy Asian girls.

Here are the most common ones:

Asian Dating tip #1 Don’t date. Yes, that’s right—don’t date. Think about a traditional “date”—it’s full of pressure, awkwardness, evaluation and it just plain sucks. What do you do on a “traditional date?” Dinner, movie, kiss goodnight, she doesn’t return your calls. Or you have drinks, and try to “make your move,” and we all know where that ends up. Much better (and cheaper) to meet for coffee—it’s fun and relaxed with none of the normal dating expectations.

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