Let’s cut the crap. You’re here because you want a hot girlfriend

Power Dating by Rick Love

Rick Love can teach you how to get the girl of your dreams

Book Review:
“Rick Love’s Power Dating”
-The middle aged guy’s guide to success with younger women.

I am qualified to leave a review of this dating book…being a woman and all gives me a bit of authority on the subject. Rick Love has a witty and down to earth way of sharing with other men his tried and true secrets of getting out of ‘the friend zone’ and into a beautiful woman’s heart. If you really want to learn how to pick up girls then you will find the book to be the Bible of seduction.

Women are not so difficult to understand, as Rick so clearly demonstrates in his “How to pick up girls” material. I found the words of truth coming from many of his outlines…especially the issue of confidence and having a passion for life and personal development. Sexy women want something to be attracted to, looks dwindle and cash comes and goes, but a man who holds his own through self respect and determination…That’s HOT!

Another benefit form this reading are the links left within as references to further’ help a guy out’. Thanks to Rick Love for telling it like it is and for the happy men, and therefor women, who read and apply these concepts

Kim Jensen

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